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21 March 2020: The Haunting Of Villa Diodati review added. Ascension Of The Cybermen review added. The Timeless Children review added.

12 February 2020: Can You Hear Me review added.

5 February 2020: Praxeus review added.

29 January 2020: Fugitive Of The Judoon review added.

22 January 2020: Nikola Tesla's Night Of Terror review added.

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Who is the Androzani Team?


Are your t-shirts official licensed merchandise?


How can I find out when you post a new review?

Are your reviews independent?

Why are your reviews sometimes so mean?

Can I put your reviews on my webpage?

Who Is The Androzani Team?

We're a New Zealand-based group of women writers, designers and IT consultants. We like SF, and we love the Doctor.

Are Your T-Shirts Official Licensed Merchandise?

Are you kidding? You don't seriously think the BBC would want anything to do with us, do you? Nope, our t-shirts are unofficial.

How Can I Find Out When You Post A New Review?

Easy. Click here to join our mailing list.

Are Your Reviews Independent?

They certainly are. What we say is what we think, with no fear or favour. Sometimes it's not very flattering, we know. Too bad.

Why Are Your Reviews Sometimes So Mean?

Some people think that if something's Doctor Who, we should be so grateful it exists at all that we should overlook any faults. We're not those people.

Can I Put Your Reviews On My Webpage?

All our content is copyright, so no, you can't. But feel free to link to us.